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Today, we put a stop the insanity of traditional, overpriced roof replacements. With ReGen Roof, you're not just saving – you're investing in the future of your home. Our Nano oil technology is a game-changer, slashing roof replacement costs by 85% and adding 15 years to your roof's life. This isn't just powerful technology; it's a complete roof ReGeneration system. Our Green Technology ensures your shingles stay tough against wind, hail, wildfires, and the unpredictable Florida storms. Choose strength. Choose savings. Choose ReGen Roof today.

Your Home's Shield

Old, leaky roofs? Not on our watch. ReGen Roof brings you the power of a new roof without the ridiculous price tag. Our Nano Technology isn't just a quick fix; it creates a fortress against the elements. ReGen Roof is the most intelligent, cost-effective way to keep your home safe and secure in 2024.

Old Way Out
New Way In

Old School: Get ready for noise, mess, and a hefty bill – traditional roof replacement can drain $15,000 to $25,000 from your pocket. New Way with ReGen Roof: Time to change the game. Our REGENERATION TECHNOLOGY isn't just saving you money; it's rewriting the rules of roofing. Extend your roof's life by 15 years and save 85% compared to outdated methods. This is roofing revolutionized – backed by science, eco-friendly, hassle-free.

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Stop your roof from washing down the drain

Signs Your Roof Needs ReGen Roof's Nano Technology

5 signs

Gone are the days when the only remedy for an aging shingle roof was a costly replacement. Regenroof can significantly extend the life of your asphalt shingle roof by 5-15 years at a fraction of the cost – up to 80% less than a full replacement. Before you opt to replace your aging roof, explore how Regenroof can rejuvenate it.

1: Algae Stains – A Hidden Menace

Black algae stains, a common sight across Southeastern climates, are often overlooked indicators of roof decay. The reduced asphalt content in newer shingles dries out quickly, paving the way for algae. Regenroof combats this by infusing the shingles with bio-oils that inhibit algae root growth, supplemented with zinc for its safe cleansing and algaecidal properties.

2: Wind-Damage Resilience

As petro-chemical oils evaporate from shingles, their adhesive properties weaken, rendering them susceptible to wind damage. Regenroof's treatment reactivates these adhesive bonds, fortifying the shingles against high winds and reducing leak risks.

3: Resolving Brittleness and Cracks

The capability of shingles to adapt to rapid temperature changes is crucial. Loss of petro-chemical oils leads to reduced flexibility, causing cracks and potential leaks. Regenroof addresses this by sealing minor cracks and restoring shingle flexibility.

4: Granule Loss Prevention

Granules are vital for protecting shingles from the elements. As shingles become dry and brittle due to oil loss, granules start to dislodge. Regenroof's solution penetrates the shingles, reactivating granule adhesion to maintain this crucial protective layer.

5: Proactive Care for Aging Asphalt Shingles

In the past two decades, there's been a significant reduction in asphalt content in shingles, sometimes by as much as 40%. This means that roofs in the Southeastern U.S., traditionally expected to last 30 years, are now showing signs of failure in as little as 10 years. Regenroof can proactively reverse this deterioration, saving you thousands in the long term.

Backed by Scientific Excellence

We don't rely on guesswork; we base our claims on solid scientific research. Rigorous laboratory tests provide undeniable evidence of the effectiveness of Regen's Roof technology. Once this innovative technology is applied to your shingles, it achieves remarkable results. It reverses the aging process, prevents cracking, and restores the original oils, as well as the protective features of your roof, including flexibility. With Regen Roof, the power of science is harnessed to ensure your roof's longevity and performance.

Green Innovation

At Regen Roof, our commitment extends beyond merely prolonging the life of your roof; it's about ensuring your complete protection and having the work conducted safely by a company you can trust. Our eco-friendly, food-grade technology works wonders, Regenerating your shingles and Restoring much-needed f lexibility while enhancing their resistance to future damage. Our green technology not only helps your roof attain the manufacturer's intended lifespan but far surpasses it by replenishing the oils lost, which are responsible for the aging of roofs. In regions where the sun's intensity is at its peak, such as Florida and southern Georgia, roofs tend to age rapidly. Say goodbye to the helplessness of watching granular beads wash away as your roof's vitality diminishes—our Nano Oil Technology is here to rescue your roof and extend its life beyond expectations. Your peace of mind and the long-term protection of your home are our top priorities. Making a wise investment today can save you up to 85% on the cost of a new roof replacement. Your roof's longevity and the environment both benefit from this great decision. Are you ready to take the next step? Let's have a conversation today about how Regen Roof can transform your roof's future.

Protection Against Moss, Mold & Algae

With Regen Roof, moss, mold, and algae are simply no match. Once treated, any moss, mold, or biological threats swiftly vanish with the next few rainfalls. Our technology serves as a natural defense, ensuring that your roof remains free from these unwanted intruders, maintaining its pristine condition and aesthetic appeal.

Unlock Your Roof's Full Potential with Regen Roof

In today's world, roofs seem to have a shorter & shorter lifespan, not to mention the cost of a new roof has nearly doubled in the past decade. We recognize that prematurely replacing your roof not only impacts your finances but also takes a toll on the environment. Now, you have the opportunity to effortlessly extend your roof's lifespan and enhance its appearance without increasing landfill waste. Making a wise investment today can save you up to 85% on the cost of a new roof replacement. Your roof's longevity and the environment both benefit from this great decision. Are you ready to take the next step? Let's have a conversation today about how Regen Roof can transform your roof's future.

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    About Us

    Did you know that a little-known oil technology has been effectively maintaining aging asphalt roads for over 20 years? Most people are unaware, but now, we can harness this powerful technology for your roof. Our team of brilliant scientists had an epiphany one day: "Why not utilize this superhuman nano-technology for asphalt ROOFS?"

    And so, our mission at Regen Roof was born, with the goal of creating the longest-lasting and deepest-penetrating nano-oil roof regenerator available on the market. After investing millions in testing and development, we are proud to bring this cutting-edge nano-technology directly to your roof. Our promise is simple: to significantly extend the lifespan of your asphalt shingle roof and restore it to a condition that looks even better than the day it was originally installed.

    Validation from Industry Experts

    The experts have weighed in, and the results are resounding. PRI Asphalt Technologies Inc., a leader in the asphalt testing industry, conducted comprehensive tests on our nano technology. The verdict? Astounding improvements across the board, including an impressive 86% enhancement in granular durability, an extraordinary 2000% increase in flexibility, and a significant 40% boost in fire safety. At Regen Roof, we're not content with just raising the bar; we're actively redefining the entire roof replacement industry. Our commitment to innovation and proven results set us apart as the trusted choice for revitalizing your roof and ensuring its long-term durability.


















    we saved our client 2 million dollars

    Apartment Buildings:

    RegenRoof nano technology extends your roof’s life by 5 to 15 years. This method is not only cost-effective but also minimizes maintenance costs, all without any inconvenience to your tenants.

    Townhome Communities and HOAs:

    RegenRoof's treatment can add 5 to 15 years to your roof’s lifespan, saving up to 85 % compared to the cost of a new roof. Ideal for property managers and HOA representatives, RegenRoof is a smart way to manage property maintenance and stretch your annual budget.

    Commercial Properties

    Buildings with asphalt shingle roofs can greatly benefit from RegenRoof. It’s perfect for aging roofs or as a part of a regular roof maintenance program, because at the end of the day there is no other technology that can double the life of your properties roof.

    Investment Property Owners:

    Avoid the high costs of total roof replacement. RegenRoof enhances the profitability of your property by greatly extending the life of your roof, which is key to maintaining and increasing your net income.

    Important Note for All Property Owners & Managers:

    It’s essential to note that RegenRoof’s technology isn’t suitable for roofs that are extremely deteriorated. Let us come and take a look and give you a free roof evaluation. In some situations we can apply it without a warranty as a last ditch effort but we can also do a full roof replacement since we are a certified roofing contractor. The ideal situation is applying the Nano Oil treatment to protect the roof every 5-7 years so you save millions in a full roof replacement down the road. If the oils never dry out because we keep adding them back, the protective grains will never come loose, the shingles will never crack and curl, meaning the roof will never age making replacing roofs only necessary after major major storm damage. And at that point the insurance covers the replacement. We want to do everything possible to earn your trust and save you millions. Please contact us so we can inspect the roof before it deteriorates any more.

    Main Services

    Services We Provide


    Complimentary Roof Inspection

    Before we proceed with the application of our cutting-edge technology, our expert team conducts a comprehensive inspection of your entire roofing system. This meticulous evaluation....


    Safe Application of Pre Wash and Treatment

    Our application process is not only effective but also seamless, clean, and entirely safe. You have the flexibility to choose whether you’d like to be at home during the process or go about your day elsewhere.


    Crucial Third-party Roof Insurance Certification

    Residing in Florida comes with lots of advantages. Recently, the state enacted legislation designed to safeguard homeowners with older roofs. This legislation ensures that insurance ....


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    Discover What Regen Roof Brings to North Florida

    Transformative Benefits That Regen Roof Introduces to North Florida

    Significant Savings

    Imagine Reducing Your Roof Replacement Expenses by a Remarkable 85%.

    Extended Lifespan

    Envision Your Roof Faithfully Serving You for an Additional 15 Years, Thanks to Our Innovative Technology.

    Preserved Beauty

    Say Goodbye to Unsightly Streaks, Mold, or Granular Loss. Experience Nothing but the Enduring Beauty of Your Roof.

    Peace of Mind

    Were you aware that roofs older than ten years, when left untreated, can potentially double your insurance rates or, even worse, lead to policy cancellation? With Regen Roof, this is one less concern on your plate. We go the extra mile by having your roof certified by a third-party roof inspector, providing you with both protection and peace of mind for you and your policy. Your security and confidence are at the core of our mission.


    Understanding Your Warranty

    PLUS a 5 year Roof Certification from a 3rd party
    Home Inspector FREE

    Purpose of the Roof Regeneration System:

    This system is specifically designed to enhance the shingles' durability by keeping them supple and ensuring the granules remain intact. This process aims to prolong the shingles' effective lifespan by an additional 5 to 15 years.

    Conditions for Warranty Activation:

    The warranty comes into effect if there's a loss of shingle flexibility within the first five years, which can be indicated by symptoms like shingles curling or an increase in the loss of granules.

    Exclusions from Roof Rejuvenation Warranty:

    lease note that this warranty does not cover issues such as leaks, damage caused by hail or wind, or any other unrelated damage. or failures.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    While we don't offer guarantees for our product against hurricane-type weather, it's important to note that our technology significantly enhances impact resistance and wind resistance. This is due to the remarkable 2000% increase in flexibility that our treatment provides. Older shingles tend to lose their flexibility over time, making them vulnerable to damage from hail and strong winds. When shingles become detached from the roof during severe weather, it exposes the underlying wood to the elements, potentially leading to catastrophic failure. Newer roofs, with their enhanced flexibility, exhibit greater resistance to extreme weather conditions. That's why restoring the extreme flexibility of new shingles through our treatment can substantially reduce the risk of wind and hail damage when compared to untreated or aged shingles. While we cannot guarantee protection against hurricanes, our technology does greatly decrease hail damage and shingle loss in severe weather, contributing to its long-term durability and performance.

    Absolutely not. Our quote includes the 3rd party home inspector, roof inspection, and the issuance of a 5-7 year roof certification. These essential services are all seamlessly included in the cost of the application of the Regen technology.

    Typically, asphalt roofs start showing signs of aging and drying out around the 5-year mark, although this time frame can vary based on their geographic location, exposure to UV rays and the quality of the shingle. To safeguard your investment, we strongly recommend monitoring the roof for potential damage and granular loss. In the southern United States, if your roof is older than 3 years, it's an ideal candidate for a comprehensive roof inspection and treatment. This proactive approach ensures your roof's longevity and peak performance, regardless the weather conditions.

    There are several telltale signs to watch out for: Granule Loss: If you notice the protective granule coating on your shingles shedding and accumulating in your gutters, it's a clear indicator. This coating acts as a "sunscreen" for your shingles, shielding them and their internal oils from harmful UV rays. Brittleness: As the essential oils within the shingles gradually evaporate, they tend to become brittle, making them prone to cracking when subjected to pressure, such as stepping on them or strong winds. Age: In southern regions, roofs may start losing granules as early as 3-5 years after installation. The sooner you apply our cutting-edge nano technology, the longer your roof will endure. Biological Damage: The appearance of black streaks caused by mold, moss, or green algae can serve as clear indicators that your roof is aging, and biological damage is taking hold. Our technology functions as a natural fungicide and algicide, effectively combating and preventing biological attacks on your roof.

    Absolutely! Our technology used by Regen Roof is not only highly effective but also completely safe for people, pets, and plants. Our technology is derived from all-natural, food-grade ingredients, making it environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Any excess spray can be easily rinsed away with water, as it is an organic, water-based oil. Moreover, we've successfully treated hundreds of roofs in Jacksonville and throughout North Florida, underscoring the safety and reliability of our approach. Your well-being, as well as that of your loved ones and the environment, is our top priority.

    Regen Roof offers a promise to earn your trust. We guarantee the treated asphalt shingles will function as the original manufacturers intended, for at least five years after treatment. Even if the original manufacturer’s warranty lapses, our guarantee remains intact. Our technology can easily make the roof last ten years with a second treatment at the five year mark. However, it's important to note that this warranty does not cover damages like leaks from installation issues or from severe weather events. If treated shingles show issues like loss of flexibility, poor granular adhesion, or compromised integrity under typical conditions, Regen Roof will quickly reapply the technology to your roof.

    For optimal results: Temperature: The ideal temperature for application is above 36 degrees Fahrenheit. Rain: Our treatment quickly permeates the shingle's top layer within an hour of application. Even if it rains after treatment, there is no risk of the technology washing off once it has penetrated the shingles. However, if any issues arise due to weather, we are committed to addressing them promptly. Customer service is at the core of our mission.

    Absolutely, but in a positive way! Our treatment restores the shingles to a condition closer to their original color. Over time, shingles tend to fade as the internal oils dry out. Our innovative technology re-saturates the shingles with natural oils, revitalizing their original color. This not only enhances the look of your entire house but also boosts its curb appeal. Your satisfaction and the aesthetics of your home are integral to our mission.

    Insurance companies began canceling the policies of Florida residents whose roofs were over 10 years old. Recognizing this as an injustice, the state of Florida enacted legislation to stop insurers from canceling homeowners' policies on this basis. Under the new law, if a state-certified roof inspector evaluates a roof and deems it to have at least five more years of useful life, the insurance company cannot cancel the policy. This highlights the crucial importance of preventing your roof from aging. Don't wait – let us ReGenerate your roof today and secure your home's future.
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    Happy Customers

    It Was a great decision to go with Regen Roof. The price was amazing and Jason threw in a very nice grill for my husband because we treated all our rentals at the same time. They are fast, we are very happy we could save one roof and protect the other 3. All the roofs look much better too. Very Happy Campers!


    Melinda Wilson

    Our experience with Regen Roof was outstanding. Jason is a hoot to talk to. His team demonstrated professionalism from the beginning all the way through the quick application process. Our old roof now looks brand new, and we couldn't be happier.


    Robert Hayward

    Jason & Val were awesome, they answered all my questions over text and when they came out. I was totally sold when I saw the treated shingle was unbreakable and the untreated five year old shingle just snapped in half. We will definitely use them again and spray all our roofs on the ranch. Thanks, Guys! Come get some more Lamb when you’re ready.


    Black Creek Ranch

    Regen in Jacksonville beach Florida, is awesome. They not only repaired the damages to our roof before spraying it, they also took the time to ensure everything was done safely for my wife. She was nervous because of the steep roof. We are super happy Val told us about this new technology. We are very pleased with how much better our roof looks. We will definitely have them spray again in 5 years.

    Marketing Manager

    Sam Armada Soccer

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